Is Jesus for Me?

I have seen a lot of people around the world ask this question, Is Jesus really for me? My reply is what do you have to lose? Even if you believe in nothing, you believe in something, which is nothing. The only way to really find out is to believe and give him a try. Trust me prayer changes things. Why would a person want to walk the earth trying to do everything on their own, believing there is not a plan and a purpose for their lives? A lot of people wait too long before they seek him, until they are on their death beds to call out on him. Just imagine if they would have been walking with him their entire life, how different their life could have been. If you really read the bible its number one message is love, and to love your brothers and sisters. To love despite race, gender, and circumstances which is one of the main reasons the United States is in the situation it is today, the lack of love. Jesus Christ was the ultimate display of love when he died on the cross for us. He didn’t do it to glorify himself, but he did it so we could have a relationship with the father.  Sometimes people believe the physical church will save them, but it’s not, it’s the eternal temple you have inside you. Who and what do you have housed inside your temple which is your heart? Some of us house jealousy, envy, brokenness and all types of issues that are detrimental to us moving forward. Jesus Christ is the answer to these issues, he can cleanse you if you let him.   So, is Jesus for you? My answer is why not? What do you have to lose?

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